Beef Minerals with Methoprene

Purpose: Insect growth regulator for continuous free-choice feeding during the fly season to prevent the breeding of horn flied in the manure of treated cattle. Use in block or granular feed supplements to give free-choice intake of 1.13 mg/100 pounds weight/day.

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Salt (min) 41.5% – 49.8% (max)
Crude Protein 2%.3% (min)
Selenium (min) 102 ppm—120 ppm (max)
Zinc—7,000 ppm (min)


Sodium chloride, monocalcium and dicalcium phosphate, corn distillers dried grains, sodium selenite, magnesium limestone, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, mineral oil, dried cane molasses, zinc sulfate, silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, natural and/or artificial flavoring, calcium salts of long chain fatty acids, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, copper chloride, manganese sulfate, vitamin A supplement, vitamin E supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, cobalt sulfate.

Feeding Directions

Offer free choice to beef cattle on pasture at a rate not to exceed 2 ounces per head per day. This rate of intake provides 3 mg of supplemental selenium per head per day.

CAUTION: Follow label directions. Feeding added selenium at levels in excess of .3 ppm in the total diet is prohibited. Blend this premix at a rate not to exceed 11.32 lbs/ton to provide .3 ppm selenium in the total diet.


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